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My Mission

Hi I’m Chloe Miguel, a psychic medium in Mesa, Arizona. My mission is to compassionately and lovingly meet your spiritual needs. I love to demonstrate through evidence that your loved ones are still here and are present with you. I will change the way you think about mediums.  Your loved ones want to connect with you as much as you want to connect with them.  Schedule with me now

When You Have a Reading With Me

When you have a reading with me I will open up and allow whatever information you need to come through. Your need may be a personal intutive reading for your life path or it may be a connection with a loved one on the other side. I trust that spirit knows best what you need and will provide it.  If a loved one comes through from the other side he or she will provide evidence of who they are.

Those in spirit communicate with me telepathically using all my senses.  I can  see and hear the spirit people, feel their feelings. I can even sometimes smell things common to them like perfume or cigarette smoke . Sometimes I can taste foods or drinks they may have liked.

The spirit people provide evidence that can be precise and detailed.  He or she uses this evidence to prove that his or her soul has survived.  They include  things such as age, gender, occupation, hobbies, memories, pets, clothing style, personality, favorite foods and special things that have been passed down.

Reconnect with your loved ones today.

Why Have a Reading with a Medium?

A sitting can reassure you that you are on the right path. Or it can help you make difficult choices.  I will never tell you what you should do. That is always up to you as we all have free will.  Additionally, if your loved one comes through it can be very healing.  Remember they want to talk with you too and they want you to be happy. Furthermore, connecting with your loved one again through a medium is a very touching experience and helps you to know your loved one is right there with you. Truly our loved ones in spirit are only a thought away.

How I Became an Psychic Medium

I enjoyed a lengthy career as a massage therapist when the spirits started coming through to me.  Eventually, after some time and many spirit communications,  I gradually came to realize I am a psychic medium. 

As a child, experiences I had with the spirit world terrified me. Consequently, when I started having experiences again as an adult I had many fears to overcome. I feared the spirit world and the spirits themselves. I feared how this would change my life and what people would think of me.

Because I knew spirit would not gift me with this lightly, I worked hard to overcome my fears and follow the path of mediumship. I continue to be a student of spirit and love connecting people to their loved ones.  Additionally, I strive to provide the very best evidence for my clients and for spirit. Mediumship is a sacred practice.  I am honored and privileged to be a medium and take my vocation very seriously.


If you’d like a reading please contact me for an appointment.

I am a member of the Spiritualists National Union International.

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Providing Evidence That Your Loved Ones Are With You