What is an Apport?

book with apport headphones
Book with headphones.

What is an apport and is it real?

Have you ever had objects appear or disappear? Of course you have.  We all have.  but sometimes it's a little weird when it happens. Sometimes it's an apport.

I have an analytical mind.  I want proof of everything.  That's part of why it was so hard to initally accept my mediumship. . After all how can I trust something I can't see? Or if I can see it,I somehow know other people can't see it and then still can't trust it.  Because my mind is so analytical and requires proof when objects disappear I assume that I've just lost them due to my carelessness. I am not a very organized person so that's a reasonable assumption.  But what about when I find an object? Or when an object just appears?

When an object appears with no reasonable explanation it could be an apport.  There are many stories of apports appearing in Seances.  Flowers and particularly roses have been apports in many Spiritualist seances.

I have only had the experience of objects appearing a few times that I can recall.  Of course, now that I know I'm a medium I pay more attention to them and also seem to be experiencing them more frequently. I recently had a ponytail holder appear on the seat of my chair right after I stood up from it during a workshop.  I purposefully had not brought any pony tail holders with me.  But after all it's just a pony tail holder.  While the incident was odd it's still just a pony tail holder and I can't say it's an apport without some doubt.

Headphones Apport

Yesterday I found a pair of headphones I have been missing for about a year. . They were on top of a small book case that I use every day. EVERY DAY. In fact, I just cleared this book case of books I no longer need two weeks ago.  The book case is small. It's only about three feet high.  There are hooks on my wall directly above it high enough that I hang my clothes on them. Every Day.

The headphones appeared directly below where I hang my pajama pants every day. They appeared while I was on the phone with another medium...right on top of my copy of Buckland's Book of Spirit Communications.

Now I guess it's possible that for nearly  year I have overlooked these headphones.  I supposed I could have used this book case every single day and moved the books around and cleaned it off and not seen these headphones.  But I have used this book.  The headphones would have been noticed or disturbed before now.

When these headphones went missing I looked everywhere for them.  They were meaningful to me. I must have looked in my coat pockets and purse 100 times. They were rather pricey and gift from the hubs.

Were the headphones an apport? I believe so. I had asked spirit to please bring these headphones back to me and they did. They just could not have sat on that shelf, on books that have been moved around for a year.

So because I want more proof.  I have asked spirit to please bring back a ring I have been missing for over two decades. It's a gold ring shaped like a shell. I know spirit can do this. So I'm awating my ring.  I do realize it could take some time. I'll post about it when I get it.


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  1. I was in a graveyard with my stepson reading tombstones in a fenced in lot and we turned around and turned back and there was about 15-20 yellow flowers centered on top of each stone in the plot we were just reading , and one red rose on the grandmother’s grave … They appeared instantly out of thin air in the middle of a blue sky day ! Blew our minds ! I still think about it constantly

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