I’m Reading Again with Limited Availability

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It's been a hot minute, but I am FINALLY back with some limited availability.

It has been a crazy year. The fam and I moved from Alaska to Arizona. My mom's side of the family is from Arizona, and I have lived here on and off throughout my life. We moved in June 2022. My husband, kids, cat, dog and I all stayed with my mother and stepfather for two months while we found and purchased a home in Mesa. We moved into our new home in August 2022. We now have a lovely home with a pool in a beautiful desert golf community. After 21 years in Alaska, I am LOVING all the sunshine and warm weather!

During that time, I started working for my sister again and decided to go to paralegal school. I finished paralegal school in November 2022 just in time for the holidays!

I have also been struggling with anxiety around my readings and the break I've been on was very much needed.

You, my lovely clients, kept believing in me while I was not doing readings. I appreciate you. I appreciate all the messages, emails and phone calls I received from you asking when I would be reading again. I was very surprised by all the support, care and well wishes I received from you. And I was stunned by how many people said I am their reader, and they always get readings from me. I had no idea.

Since I now have a day job and two kids at home, my availability for readings is pretty limited. I may open more time going forward but for now I have my hands full.

Thank you for being there, for believing in me.



April 2023 Mesa, Arizona.

Paranormal Activity is Usually a Loved One in Spirit

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House Clearings

Occasionally I get a call where someone has perceived spiritual activity in their home. They may have heard sounds or seen lights blinking or have seen objects moved around. When someone experiences paranormal activity it can be confusing and frightening. People are afraid their home is haunted and they want me to fix it. Cases of paranormal activity fall into one of the following groups. Spirits of loved ones, spirit people you do not know, or residual energy.

Spirits of Loved Ones

Most of the time spirit activity in your home is the spirit of one of you loved ones who has passed on. They are trying to let you know they are ok and are still around. They come to comfort and console you. Our loved ones in spirit want us to be happy and know they are still around.

Loved ones in spirit love your kids! I have had multiple readings where the loved one in spirit says they love playing with the baby. My sitter will confirm their child appears sometimes to be playing with someone who is not there. The majority of the time the spirit activity in the home is a loved one you know.

Spirits You Do Not Know

Spirit activity in your home can also be spirit people you do not know. I have seen this happen when the person experiencing it has a higher level of mediumistic ability. In this case it’s not really the home that has the spiritual activity, it is you. You are ablet to tune into the spirit world and the spirit people know it. They see it like a light on a switch board and they come to you. Sometimes they want you to pass a message to their family. Other times it’s something else. I know a lady who uses an older home for her therapy office. There is an old man there who really likes how she’s using his home. I do not think he is always hanging around the house, but he came by while I was there to express his approval.

Residual Energy

The other possibility for paranormal activity in the home is residual energy. Places can hold energy in them. People can imprint their energy. Residual energy is what you’re seeing when you see a ‘ghost’ that doesn’t interact with you. There is no intelligent communication. If you move into a home where unhappy people lived before you, the home can retain that energy and just feel off. This can be misinterpreted a “negative entity’. Someone who is sensitive to energy may feel like there is something wrong or bad about the place.

Why I Do Not Do Home Cleansings

I do not currently offer spiritual cleansing of people’s homes because I do not think it’s effective. All the smudging and placing crystals will not keep your loved ones away. Also, since it’s not my home I am not the one who needs to politely ask the spirit person to leave. It’s the owner of the home who needs to set boundaries. However, If I see a spirit person in the background on your zoom screen during a reading I will try and connect for you. Those are almost always your loved ones.

With love,


Soulmates, Love, and Soul Connections: We Have Many Soulmates

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The notion of Soulmates Romanticized

We have this idea that there is one true soul mate for us and that person will be our lifetime partner and we will live happily ever after. Sorry to disappoint you but soulmates are much less romantic than that. We tend to think of our soulmate as our one true love. And then we pin all our hopes and dreams and happiness on finding this person. In fact, your happiness does not depend on another person. But that’s a topic for another day. We all have many soulmates.

What Are Soul Connections?

A soul connection or soulmate is simply a recognition you have with another person. You recognize them on a soul level and you feel it. You feel like you’ve known them before and maybe like you’ve always known them. There is just something so familiar about them. This is your soul recognizing their soul. You have lived lifetimes together before. Often the other person feels it too. They also recognize you. This can be a very strong feeling.

It can feel overwhelming when it’s someone that you are romantically involved with. We call that person our soulmate. But what happens when the relationship ends? Then we feel as if we’ve lost our soulmate and our chance for happiness. It gets confusing and we think maybe they were not our soulmate. We fall in love with someone else and think this new person is our soulmate. There are many people in our lives like this and these soul mates have served in many different roles in previous lives or future lives on this planet and others.

We have spent lifetimes as friends, lovers, spouses, siblings, parents, and children, etc. with these soulmates. We have many soulmates not just one. You have many chances for romantic fulfillment not just one. Everyone who you are close to is most likely a soulmate. The really important soulmates are often the ones who irritate us the most. Those souls are teaching us things and we are teaching them things for our soulss growth. Most people do not want to hear that the person they despise is most likely a soulmate.

Primary Soulmates

However, I also believe in primary soulmates. This is a soul who we have chosen to incarnate with in a very close relationships over many lifetimes. Often, they are our spouse but not always. They can serve in any of the roles I listed above. Sometimes we do get to have the ‘happily ever after’ with our primary soulmate but not every time. Even if we are romantically involved with our primary soulmate that relationship can end. Often one of the people does not recognize the other or thinks they can do better. Even though I believe in primary soulmates that does not mean that person is who we are meant to mate with for life.

To give you a little perspective, even I as a psychic medium do not know who my primary soulmate is or if they have even incarnated in this life. It could be one of several people. Maybe I do not have one. I will not know until I return to my spirit home.

Many books have been written by hypnotherapists and other professionals on past lives and our soul experiences between lives.  A few authors you may want to check out are Delores Cannon, Michael Newton, and Brian Weiss.

All my love,


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What are ghosts and do you believe in them?

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You may or may not believe in ghosts but they do exist.

However, they may not be what you think they are. The word ghost can have numerous meanings. Mostly it has a fearful connotation.

When we think of the word ghost, we often think of something malevolent haunting us. That really is not the truth.

A ghost is just an energy.

It can be an energy that is conscious or unconscious. I believe that most ghosts people may meet are the unconscious type. In that case it is more like an energy imprint. And not a spirit with which you can interact. My guides described it to me like this: it is like a recording of music. You are not actually hearing the band play, but you are still listening to the music. It is a recording. So, when you see a ghost like that it is recording of energy. I also believe that you may be seeing into another timeline. You could be getting a glimpse across dimensions and times.

A ghost that is unconscious will not interact with you. You cannot speak with it or have any interaction with it. It does not appear to see you and will not acknowledge you. This suggests the kinds of things people see in old buildings when they report that they have seen a figure walking down the hall or something similar. They may appear in clothing from a different period. The figure does not acknowledge you and just passes through.

The other type would be the coconscious type. This is not really a ghost exactly it is a conscious spirit person. This is when you see the spirit of person. Usually, it is a loved one and they see you back. They acknowledge that you see them. Often, they communicate with you. This most often happens when we see our loved ones after they have passed. They may come to tell us they are ok. Our loved ones might bring messages of hope and reassurance. They want us to know that they have survived their physical death. These are very comforting experiences.

Chloe Miguel, Anchorage, AK March, 2022

What Is a Spiritual Awakening?

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What does it mean to have a spiritual awakening?

I see many references on social media and the internet to having a “spiritual awakening’. Everyone seems to be having a spiritual awakening. And that’s great. But what does it mean? I see loads of harmful, fearful, and just wrong information out there.

The first association I often see people make is that it means your psychic abilities are growing stronger. This also seems to be what most people want. While it’s true that many people going through a spiritual awakening do experience an increase in psychic and mediumistic abilities, that is not your spiritual awakening. It’s not even the main part. Rather it’s a byproduct of becoming more spiritually aware.

A spiritual awakening is when a person becomes truly aware of the spiritual nature of themselves and everything and everyone around them.

That’s it. There is no certain path or required steps. There are no stages. You are having a spiritual awakening when you begin to realize the world of spirit exists and everything that we see is a physical overlay. Coming to this realization does not happen quickly or only once. It takes time. It will probably take the rest of your life. You are also likely to dip in an out of it. That’s perfectly normal. Meditation usually becomes part of it. Getting to know yourself and understand yourself apart from your thoughts is part of it. But you don’t have to do any specific practice to arrive there. However you want to do that is fine.

When you become aware of the reality of our spiritual nature you start to change.

You begin to see the illusion of the physical world. You naturally start to examine yourself and your place in the world and who and what you really are. You start to see through the illusion of everything associated with the egoic nature. You become more even tempered. And less likely to be buffeted by whatever whirlwind of drama is going on around you. I want to pause here however and let you know that your life will not always be one serene mediation. You are still a human being living in a physical world. You are literally here to enjoy the contrast. But while you’re here enjoying the contrast you have a knowing that underneath it all is the true spiritual nature of yourself and everyone else.

This will naturally give rise to a more compassionate state. You will care less about what other people think of you and more about serving them. Your fears of the illusory around you will be diminished you will grow as a soul and as a human being. I don’t truly believe that the term “spiritual awakening” can be categorized into any one thing. For each person a spiritual awakening is an individual journey. It is also not competitive. There is no way that one person can be farther on their spiritual journey than another. They are just on a different journey. It is being on the journey that counts not how psychic you are or how mediumistic you are or how compassionate you are that determines the value of your spiritual journey. Awakening to the spiritual reality and pursuing it as your journey is what counts.

Find Harmony in Your Life After the Loss of a Loved One

(Whispers From Heaven welcomes guest blogger Camille Johnson of bereaver.com. Thank you, Camille for the article.)

Losing someone you love is a traumatic experience, even if you knew that their time is coming. This loss may make you realize that you have to get the most out of your own life. You may even want to do things that may have made your loved one proud.

You can do many things to improve your life. The important thing Is that you set out a plan to make the necessary improvements. Without having a plan, you may find yourself losing focus, or you may stop doing things that propel you toward your goals.

Increase the Peace at Home

Ideally, your home is a peaceful place where you can relax and rejuvenate. This enables you to work through the grieving process a bit more easily. There are several ways you can do this, so think about which options you may find useful.

  • Declutter your space by cleaning out closets and drawers
  • Create a space for relaxation, such as a meditation space
  • Add green elements, such as houseplants, to each room
  • Rearrange spaces to make them feel more open and welcoming
  • Eat a healthy diet, and embark on a fitness program

Set Your Plan to Work Toward a Positive Future

Wanting to better yourself for the future is a good idea. Think carefully about the goals you have for your life. Do you want to own a business? Do you want to get a better job? Do you want to have a comfortable retirement?

One thing that may help you to reach those goals is going back to school. It’s possible to do this even if you can’t leave the job you have now. Online schooling enables you to take classes at your own pace. You can still take care of your home and work duties while you improve yourself.

Accredited online schools may offer classes for people pursuing a doctorate, master’s, bachelor's, or associate's degree. Many of these schools offer competitive tuition rates. Ensure the school you want to attend has the degree program you need and is affordable.

Create Mini-Goals

Setting small goals to help you meet your larger goals can make it easier to stay on track. It also enables you to become more organized because you set things up with reminders of how they can help you to reach your goals.

Write out your mini-goals along with the final goal. Seeing your progress along the set path can keep you motivated to continue even if you want to give up. You can even name your goal something that reminds you of your loved one if you’re honoring them with your progress.

Move Forward With Your Life

Moving on after you lose a loved one is a challenge for many, but it’s possible to set a plan that outlines your path.

For some, working with a psychic medium may be beneficial since they might be able to connect with their loved ones. If you think this may be helpful for you, contact a reputable medium in Anchorage, AK, so you know you can trust the results.

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John Holland on How to get the most out of your Reading

I found this article on John Holland's webiste on how to have a good reading. I hope you find it useful.

Please keep an open mind

It's important for you to keep an open mind during the whole process, and to be open to receive whatever messages come through and from whomever is trying to connect with you. You never know who will come through! Try to be open to more than just the person you want to hear from.

It's not quite as simple as picking up the phone. John cannot "call the dead". You may hear from old friends or you may be the middleman who passes on a message to a friend coming from one of their relatives. Also you may hear from a relative who you didn't know quite well. Once the door is open – some spirits just want to be acknowledged. There’s usually a reason they’re coming through, but most of the time, it’s about the validation of the connection.

This is not to say you will not hear from a certain person you wish to connect with, just that John cannot guarantee it. There is a process when doing mediumship and it’s important to honor it.

John can only do his best to bring through whoever wants to come through with clarity and evidence. People who have passed on are not coming through to give you predictions. They are coming through to show you that life continues and they are still around you.

As part of your preparation, especially if it’s your first time with a medium, and to help you understand the process of mediumship, John recommends reading his first book “Born Knowing” before your appointment. This book also has helped thousands of people who have suffered a loss.

After doing this work for many years, I have realized how I work with those who have crossed over.

I am clairaudient (I hear), and I am clairsentient (I feel). These are the two main abilities that seem to work with me best.

I will psychically feel if I am connecting to a man, woman, child, mother, father, grandparent, etc. I will feel how they passed, their personality, and try to explain exactly what I am feeling to you so you know I am connecting with your loved one.

I hear the information that I am supposed to pass on. It’s not like having a conversation like you’d have with someone else. I am connecting to a soul that no longer has a physical body, and we communicate with the power of thought.

I always give you the information before you tell me anything. I usually ask the sitter not to feed me any information, but just to validate that the evidence coming through is correct and you understand. There’s always time at the end of the reading for questions.

I also see symbolically (clairvoyant).

Example: If I am seeing a symbol for an apple it could be to just say the word “apple,” not that you like fruit, but you could have grown up on Apple Street or lived near apple orchards. I have to give it as I am getting it or I may misinterpret the message.

Please listen to what information is coming forward. It may not mean anything to me, but could be very significant to you. Also please DO NOT wait to hear what YOU want to hear. Some spirits have their own agenda of what they want to express. I can only give you what I am getting, and interpret the information to the best of my ability.

All kinds of evidence come out in a session, whether it is significant or what may seem to you to be quite trivial. It is all the small things that make up our lives.

If I give you a name, it does not have to be from someone who has passed. It could be someone here who you are connected with, as I never know where each session will go. Each and every session is different. If you do not understand the information being received, please write it down and check the information with your family

All I ask is that you keep an open mind and listen to the information coming through so you can have a positive and rewarding session.

Thank you.

Exploring Your Abilities Workshop is now Available!

Hello! I am so pleased to announce that my new class on Exploring Your Ablities is now booking.

Date: November 13, 2021
Time: 10:00 am Alaska time
Duration: 1-2 hours long depending on questions.
Fee: $25.00
Loction: Zoom Conference

There are limited spots so be sure to book right away.

You can book the workshop by clicking on the "Schedule Time with Me" pop up or visitng my page on Classes and Events.

We will cover FAQ about spiritualiy and psychic and mediumistic abiltiy.

This class is for you if you are curious about the psychic and mediumistic world. Or if you think you may have had some spiritual experiences and want to know more about it.

I'm excited to offer this class and look forward to seeing you there.



Providing Evidence That Your Loved Ones Are With You