Beloved Fiance In Spirit Comes Through

Beloved Fiance Comes Through

I had an amazing experience with Spirit today that I'm excite to share with you.

I was sitting in my office and I started to feel a presence with me.  Once he knew I could feel him, he sent me tastes and smell.  I started smelling fresh-cut grass and the gasoline and oil of a lawn mower. He also sent me an image of the lady he wanted to communicate with.

I knew who she was through Facebook. I've read for her before. I also knew this was her beloved fiance who passed away over a year ago.  She has been missing him so much and has not yet been able to connect with him through a medium.

Immediately I messaged her on Facebook and gave her the evidence I was getting: cut grass, gasoline, lawnmower, coconut bath products, other luxurious bath products and the oddest one - donuts in the garage.

She texted right back and was overjoyed to hear from her beloved. She verified all of the evidence I was getting. The messages of loved flowed. They have a son together as well and the spirit man expressed joy and love and pride for their boy.

I'm so grateful for my gift. I'm so grateful to be able to make these connections for people. I love what I do and I love demonstrating that our souls absolutely do go on after our physical deaths.

Love Always,

Chloe Miguel, Psychic Medium
August 23, 2018
Anchorage, Alaska

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West Highland Terrier Says Hello

Pets Love to Say Hello

I love it when I'm doing a psychic reading and the sitter's loved ones in spirit pop in to say hello. My client is always so happy. I love that I can help people that way.

Recently I was doing a psychic reading for someone regarding some career advice.  At the end of the reading she asked "Do you see anything else for me?" Just then a west highland terrier came into my mind.

I said "You have a west highland terrier?" She immediately started crying and said "Oh she died. I miss her so much!" I was so happy to be able to tell her that her little sweet pooch was safe and happy on the other side and is still with her now.

My client was thrilled! It made her day. These are the moments that I am so grateful for as a psychic medium.

With Love,


Chloe Miguel, Psychic Medium
Anchorage, Alaska
July, 2018

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Everyday Miracles

Your Reading is About YOU

I answer a lot of relationship questions.  We’re all alike really.  We all want to be loved. I want to help you find that.  I have noticed there are a few things people repeatedly ask me. These things people ask aren’t really all that helpful for finding love.  Always keeps in mind that your reading is about you.

Asking What Someone Else Thinks About You

During your reading you may be tempted to ask questions about what other people are thinking about you.  The logic behind this question is that if the other person has interest in you then maybe you will get together.

When you have hung your personal happiness on a particular outcome with a particular person and can see no other way to be happy you are setting yourself up for a huge disappointment.

I feel sad for people in this situation. I have been there myself. It’s not a strong confident place to be.  It is a pitiful place of victimhood where you allow other people and events to control your happiness.

While it’s true that if your person of interest is attracted to you there’s is more of a chance you will get together, it is not a certainty. Even if that person and you have deep soul connection through many lifetimes you are not guaranteed to have a relationship with him in this lifetime.  What you really want is to be loved. You think it has to be this certain person but maybe it won’t be. Maybe it will be someone better.

Wanting to Know What is Going On in Somone Else’s Relationship

Or you might want to know what is going on in another person’s relationship.

This is not your business and has little effect on your life. You cannot control what other people do. As a psychic my job is to look into the energy surrounding YOU and help you to get where you want to be. If your happiness depends on another person’s actions you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

One question I frequently get is “What is going on with my ex and his new girlfriend?” The logic is that if it’s bad with the new girlfriend your ex may come back to you. Not only is this flawed thinking it’s psychic spying. Your ex’s relationship with his current girlfriend has nothing to do with you.

Wanting to Know The Future

Everyone wants to know the future. I get it. I want to know the future too.  If you know the future you can take action to change it. Unfortunately, the future is very hard to accurately predict.  There I said it.  A psychic prediction is giving you the probable outcome based on current energy if nothing changes. But we’ve all felt the energy of a situation change. And does knowing the outcome change the outcome itself?

But I suggest that it’s better to know how to CREATE the future you want. I do currently give predictions because that is what people want.  However, I feel giving predictions robs you of your free will.  If you want love then go out and find it. Ask God and your angels to guide you to it. But don’t surrender your free will to a psychic prediction.

When you develop a strong sense of who you are and what you are all about then you no longer need to hang your happiness on another person. You will then no longer surrender your power to other people or to psychic predictions. This is true freedom. This is creating your future.

With Love,

Chloe Miguel, Psychic Medium
Anchorage, Alaska

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Can A Psychic Predict the Future?

How I Met My Spirit Guide

How I Met My Spirit Guide


I met my spirit guide, Christof, before I even knew I was a medium or a psychic in January of 2016.

My friends at work and I had been on a spiritual path of discovery. I was learning about all kinds of new age concepts and had learned about spirit guides. Like many people I wanted to know who my spirit guide was.  I wanted to know a name and a face so I had a tangible image in my mind.

I was reading all kinds of books about spirit guides and decided just to ask if I could meet him.  Every night before I went to sleep I asked if my guide would introduce himself to me in my dreams.

It took about two weeks of consistent asking for him to show up. Then he appeared in a vivid dream.

Christof Appears

In my dream - which I now believe was actually astral travel - I was in my bed sleeping. I woke up and got out of my bed and walked into the hallway outside my room. There standing at the top of the stairs was my guide!

I knew immediately exactly who he was. This was my main spirit guide! He was about 5'10", muscular build, short black hair and olive complexion and looked Italian-American. He was wearing black BDU style pants with large pockets on the sides. They were tucked into black tactical boots. He was wearing a fitted red t-shirt tucked into his pants. I knew he was a fireman in his station house uniform. He also carried a small black hose coiled around his left shoulder. "Well come on let's go". He said to me.

What the actual hell?!! My spirit guide was MALE...and a hot male at that??? Oh NO NO NO NO NO! This cannot be my spirit guide. This was NOT what I expected a spirit guide to look like. Where are the flowing robes, the angelic glow?? And he's a GUY!? My spirit guide who knows all my deepest, darkest most embarrassing secrets is a hot guy!?? NO!!!

In my deepest mind I knew this was my spirit guide but my conscious mind did not want to accept it.  My spirit guide could simply NOT be an Italian-American male firefighter.  This is the spirit who knows me best. I just can't share my most intimate thoughts with a guy like this.

I told myself he must my son's spirit guide. My young son was very into all things firefighting at the time. Yes this must be his guide. Where's my real guide? Obviously this is a mistake.  All of this processed in my mind in just an instant. I had no choice but to go with him.

Other Spirit Guides

The next instant he was showing me a book. It looked similar to a high-school year book. He then opened it somewhere in the middle and showed me a page with some pictures on it. The pictures were oval black and white photographs of people and one giraffe. They were arranged in a circle. There were about 12 of them. Just over half had a picture in them and the rest were blank.

I understood these to be pictures of all my spirit guides. The ones with pictures in them were guides who had already appeared in my life. The rest of the guides would appear later when I needed them.

Validation in the Physical World

When I woke up and realized I had dreamed about my spirit guide I took a few hours to process it all. I did not remember who was in all the pictures except that one had been a giraffe. But I still did not know my guides name.

I asked in my mind what his name was. The information came in a rush and felt like a download. This was the first time I experienced this feeling of receiving information and knowing it was coming from outside me. "Christopher, Christoph, No it's Christof - with an 'f'." then Christof validated this experience in the physical world.

So I knew my guide's name is Christof. The next thing I heard in my mind was "Google my name". I Googled Christof and the first page I clicked on was a short bit of dialogue from the movie The Truman Show. Two characters named Christof and Chloe are discussing lighting for The Truman Show.

Christof: "We need more light. We'l never find him this way. What time is it?"

Chloe: "It's ...way too early for that."

Christof: "Cue the sun."

That's right. When I Googled Christof's name the very first page I came to was dialogue between two people named Christof and Chloe where Christof was bringing the light. POW! My mind was blown.

More Evidence

I need lots of evidence so I wanted more confirmation. So I grabbed my closest deck of oracle cards The Psychic Tarot.

The first card I pulled was "Spiritual Strength". Ok that's nice but I want more proof. I shuffled the cards and drew "Truth". BAM! I shuffled again and again drew the "Truth" Card. Twice in a row! I shuffled and drew again and once again got the "Truth" card. Holy Crap! This is REAL!

Christof had confirmed his existence to me in the real world.

Since then I have come to know and trust Christof. There are other guides in my life. I had another dream where Paul, my healing guide showed up. He is very tall with long straight gray hair. I have also met Ruth, my creativity guide, and Kayla my nature guide.

Recently I have found I have a mediumship guide.  He is and elderly gentleman who helps with my mediumship. I know him only as "Grandfather".  But he is not a grandfather I knew in this life.  I have also known a few others.

I hope you enjoyed my story and that it helps you understand that you can meet your spirit guides too.


With Love,


Chloe Miguel, Psychic Medium
June 1, 2018
Anchorage, Alaska

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A Medium's Beliefs About Reincarnation

How Does Someone Become a Medium?

Six Reasons Why Light Workers Should Charge Fees

Six Reasons Why Light Workers Should Charge Fees

As a psychic medium I am in contact with many other mediums, energy healers, psychics and light workers. The argument of whether we should charge for our work repeatedly comes up. A common perception is that since our work is spiritual we should not charge fees. I argue that this is not a good reason as everything is spiritual. We are spiritual beings.

Whether we are focused on the spiritual aspect of our existence matters not. It is who we are. We each have a soul. Therefore every, accountant, lawyer, doctor, ice-cream scooper, artist, housekeeper, etc. is doing spiritual work for his or her own soul's growth. My work as a medium is no more spiritual than that of an accountant.  We cannot be separate from the spiritual. We are the spiritual. I clearly come down on the side of" it's ok to charge for our work". Here's why.

1. This Is My Livelihood

In the United States where I live, anyone who wants is entitled to obtain the necessary skills and education for whatever (legal) job he or she desires and earn a living doing it.  Anyone. It's one of the blessings of being an American.  I am free to explore my interests, talents and abilities. Because my work is deemed "spiritual" does this mean that I do not deserve to earn a living? Priests are supported by the diocese they serve.  Even the Dalai Lama is supported by his order.

2. If I did not charge for my psychic medium skills I would have to work at another job that would not leave time and energy for mediumship.

If I were only giving my work for free, I would still have to support my family. So I would need to find another job to pay the bills. This job would likely not serve other people to the best of my ability the way being a medium does. It also most likely would not feed my soul the way being a psychic medium does. Additionally, If I were working at another job it would divert my energy and time away from working as a medium and helping people through my mediumship. I simply could not help as many people.

3. We Train A Lot

Just as other people attend schools and training so do light workers. Most of us are continually seeking to improve our skills and abilities.  While we may start with a raw "gift", as do many people, we train to improve it. This training costs us money and time. We pay for the training ourselves and often spend many, many hours and thousands of dollars improving our natural talents. A concert pianist may have a wonderful natural, spiritual gift of playing the piano. She will also spend money and time developing her natural gift. Should that pianist not be compensated because her ability is "God-given" or "spiritual"?

4. Everyone has a gift.

All special abilities or "gifts" people have are spiritual in nature for us to use. The gift may be intelligence, athleticism, healing, sewing, baking cakes, throwing a baseball, painting, sculpting, counting money, etc. Many people work using their special gifts and skills. Should they not be compensated'? Should a doctor be required to live as a pauper simply because he's using his God-given gifts of healing and intelligence?

5. Each Light Worker needs to Choose What is Best

Ultimately, each medium, healer, psychic, reiki practitioner, etc needs to decide what works best for him or her.  Most importantly, he or she should refrain from judging what other light workers choose.  Some may have the luxury of working for free or on a donations basis only. Others need to earn an income.  I can't say whether you should or should not charge for your work or how much you should charge.  What you choose to do is up to you.

I have seen very many mediums disparaging other mediums for "charging too much". They feel that when a medium becomes famous they often start charging too much. It may seem like a lot of money to me but that isn't for me to judge. I don't have to pay for that medium's services if I don't want to.  If people are willing to pay the high prices then that is what the service is worth. Like it or not in a free market society such as ours,  a service (or anything) is worth what other people are wiling to pay for it - not more and not less.

6. It's an Energy Exchange

Lastly, when we as light workers perform our work there is an energy exchange involved. Even if we are channeling our healing or messages from a higher power there is an energy exchange involved. We are giving of ourselves and our energy to other people. If we do not receive energy back we will find ourselves depleted. We will grow increasingly unhappy and and feel like we are giving all the time and being taken advantage of. Nobody wants to end up as a bitter light worker.  Not charging may be fine for someone who does it as a hobby. That's his choice. It's not up to me to judge if someone charges or how much he charges.

7. Bonus Seventh Reason

People value what they pay for. When people put energy or money into something they value it. The perceived value of the item or service increases. Conversely, people often don't value what they are given for free.  This is a well known marketing concept and is the reason designers are able to charge a premium for their items such as shoes and handbags. They are deemed luxury items. Is the item really worth more? The raw materials used the make the items are probably top quality but so are many non-designer items. When they put the designer label on it suddenly the perceived value goes up. That’s not to say I think light workers should charge designer prices, but then again who am I to judge what you do?

I hope I've clarified some of the reasons it's OK to charge for you work as a light worker. May you discover your value and most importantly value yourself.


Chloe Miguel, Psychic Medium

April 3, 2018 Anchorage, Alaska

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A Medium’s Beliefs About Reincarnation

What are my beliefs about reincarnation?

I believe in reincarnation. But I have gone back an forth on that belief throughout my life. And I don't think reincarnation looks the way you might think it does.

As a child I believed in reincarnation.  It wasn't that I chose to believe in it; I just assumed that was how things worked. In grade school when I first heard of the concept of reincarnation, I thought to myself "Well of course we reincarnate." I was surprised that other people didn't know this.

I was not raised in a household with any strong spiritual beliefs. We did not attend church and my parents rarely if ever discussed spiritual matters.  If anything, my parents were very much "humanists" and didn't believe in any higher power or after life.

By the time I reached college and was studying for my degree in philosophy, I had landed squarely on the side of "Humanist". That is what you see is what you get. There is no higher power, life is an accident and logic rules the day.

For most of my life I just really didn't want to think about the possibility of life after death. If that theory turned out to be true then I would find out when I'm dead. If there was a God then I would find that out too. But for the time being the empirical, logical evidence just didn't support it. I was using my brain to think logically and critically and if there was a God then he gave me my brain and expected me to use it.

Yet, at the same time I was also always scared of the spirit world. Ghosts freaked me out. I was always telling myself the things I saw were " my eyes playing tricks on me"

How could I be both disbelieving and scared of the spirit world? That I held this dichotomy of belief never actually occurred to me. Maybe that's because I never wanted to admit I was afraid of the spirit world.

I currently believe in reincarnation. It just feels right to me.  I have read many books on different spiritual beliefs and have come to realize that probably nobody who is still in human form can really understand how it exactly works. It's one of the great mysteries of life. Everyone who writes about and teaches this stuff says different things.

Based on my experiences with the spirit world and on my studies I have formed some beliefs.

Yes I believe we live more than one life. In fact I believe we live very many lives often reincarnating in soul groups with other people we have known in the past. However, time as we know it does not exist in the spirit world. So what appears to us to be the past or the future really isn't . So maybe your next life will be in 1547. Or maybe all of our lives are actually taking place simultaneously in different dimensions. I believe we do this for our soul's growth. Each life is about learning something new.

There is a common analogy I find to be very good. You have a soul which is like a computer. Each life you live is like a computer program that plays on that computer.  So currently my soul is running the "Chloe Miguel" program. There is room for other programs to run at the same time. Programs can run a different times too.

So yes I believe we live many lives often incarnating with people from our same soul group in order for the growth of everyone's soul.


Chloe Miguel, Psychic Medium

March 28, 2018 Anchorage, Alaska

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What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

What is the Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium

What is the Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium?

I received a really great question the other day about the difference between a psychic and a medium.

The main difference between a psychic and a medium is that a medium can communicate with the spirits of people who have crossed over to the other side. A psychic can not communicate with spirits.

What is a Psychic?

A psychic is someone who is sensitive to the energy fields of other people and can pick up information from them. They can theoretically see past, present and future in other people's energy fields or auric fields.  I say theoretically because it's not that black and white. Within the scope of the word "Psychic" are many, many levels of ability and ways to sense information. And psychics' abilities are all over the scale of accuracy.

Psychics get information in words, pictures, feelings, smells, tastes. Sometimes we just know something and don't necessarily know how we know it.

What is a Medium?

A medium is a psychic who has all the above mentioned ability but can also get that information from those in spirit. So as a medium I can connect telepathically and get information to pass along to the sitter I am reading for.

Are All Psychics Mediums?

No they are not. However, all mediums are psychic. In order to be a medium you must be psychic.  Mediums receive information telepathically from spirit and therefore are all psychic. But not all psychics are mediums.

Mediumistic work and psychic work operate on two different frequencies yet they are related. They are two different vibrational levels and feel a little different.

Medium and psychic can be hard to tell apart and even experienced mediums can struggle with telling the difference. When a medium is giving a reading it can be very easy to slip into the psychic and give psychic information without knowing you are now working on the psychic level and not the mediumistic level.

Mediumship Came First For Me

In my case I didn't actually know I was psychic until my mediumship developed spontaneously and much to my surprise. I had wanted to develop psychically and was reading books on psychic development when spirits started appearing in my sessions with my massage clients.

In fact, I didn't actually want to develop as a medium at all. It scared me. When I would be reading a book on psychic development, I would quit when I came to the chapters on mediumship.

Even after it was obvious I had ability as a medium I didn't feel like I had any psychic ability.  I started paying attention to it and realized that I do have it. I still take continuing education classes on developing both my psychic and mediumistic abilites. Working one helps the other.

So in a nutshell "All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums".

Oh one other thing, I have noticed many readers calling themselves psychic mediums when they are not mediums at all. Unfortunately this field is filled with people who have abilities and little understanding of it.



Chloe Miguel, Psychic Medium
March 7, 2018 Anchorage, Alaska
Can a Psychic Tell The Future?

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Why I Had to Get a New Domain Name

New Domain Name

I have moved my business website from to my new domain name

A couple months ago Facebook started blocking all links from Facebook to my external business website.  This meant that I could not post any links to my website on my Facebook business page.

They removed all existing links to all my blog posts.  If you tried to click on any of my existing links on my page you were taken to a Facebook page that informed you my site was potentially dangerous.

As you can imagine this killed my website traffic!

In order to get Facebook to unblock my links, I hired Social Klicker  to make sure my website’s security certificate was all in good order. But Facebook still blocked my website.

So I bought a new domain name and hired Formal Site to move my site to a new domain.


This worked! So now here I am at



Chloe Miguel, Psychic Medium
March 5, 2018
Anchorage, Alaska

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Can a Psychic Predict the Future?

You Create Your Own Future

Can a psychic predict the future? I believe you create your own future.

As a psychic medium, naturally I get a lot of questions about the future. People ask me about their relationships and their careers and all kinds of things.  People even ask me if they are going to win at bingo.

Everybody wants a prediction but I’m not totally comfortable with giving them.

I used to think it was because I am just not that good at it.  But I have since learned differently.

People mistakenly believe that being psychic is telling the future.  No, it’s not.  That’s fortune telling and is not what I do.

Can a Psychic Predict the Future?

I actually don’t believe any psychic can truly predict the future.  There I said it. Many psychics will disagree with me. But that’s my belief and I’m sticking to it. I have been to very good, very well known and very expensive psychics whose predictions for me did not come true. I have even had those same psychics tell me that because they saw those things they were already manifesting and I could not stop them.  Baloney!

You see, the future is fluid. It hasn’t happened yet. Anything can change at any time. Every single one of us has free will. Everyone. Even our loved ones in spirit have free will –  which is exactly why I can’t guarantee that I can connect with any spirit you want.

At any given moment endless opportunities and paths lay before us. We can choose whichever one we want to take. Therefore we create our future.

When a psychic predicts your future he or she is looking down just one path of myriad paths that you could take.  The psychic looks at the current energy around you and based on what is currently going on can see the likely outcome if nothing changes.

But just by visiting the psychic and receiving the prediction you have changed things.  Now you may change your choices based on what the psychic has said.

Additionally since we all have free will, if anyone else is involved in your prediction the outcome is even less certain. Each person you add to the situation complicates it.  Again the psychic can tell you the likely outcome based on the current energy but the current energy can change and other people can change their minds.

Should Psychics Predict the Future?

I believe the best way to use psychic information is to help you make more informed decisions. Or use it to help you achieve the outcome you want.

What I mean is rather than asking something like “When will I get more money”? Or “Will my ex come back to me?” The best sort of question would be about what you can do to achieve what you want.  That is asking something like “What do I need to do to earn more income?” or “How can I find someone and have a meaningful, loving relationship with him?”.

Unfortunately, many people don’t want that.  They would prefer to give all their power to other people and just want to know when the ex is coming back or if he still loves her or when the money is coming in.

Future Predictions Rob You of Free Will

Another point about giving future predictions is that it robs you of your free will.  What I mean is that if a psychic tells you your future you are likely to make choices based on what you believe your future outcome to be.

For example, let’s say you ask me if you will be meeting Mr. Right this year. I look into the situation and see that yes indeed it looks like you will be meeting someone in about 3 months. Since you know that you will be meeting Mr. Right in 3 months you don’t bother to go on any dates with anyone else until then.

But what if on one of those dates your date would have introduced you to Mr. Right? Or what if one of those dates would have been your next connection for your dream job? What if he would have shown you a cool new restaurant where you would hang out and make lots of friends? What if I was just wrong and one of those dates you refused WAS Mr. Right?

See how a psychic prediction could affect all areas of your life? You may think that you would not do anything differently based on a psychic prediction but you can’t help it. You have the information and it’s therefore part of your decision making.

So not only do I not believe any psychic can predict the future with total accuracy I don’t really think we should.

With Lots of Love,


Chloe Miguel, Psychic Medium
February 26, 2018
Anchorage, Alaska

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Trusting Spirit

A Medium Must Trust Spirit

A medium must have absolute trust in spirit. I must know that the information coming to me is from spirit and I must trust what the spirit person is giving me. Trusting spirit is the most important part of being a medium

This is much easier said than done and I think it's the hardest part of being a medium.  I must trust the information even when the sitter (person I'm reading for)  is telling me 'no'.

Oh, this is so hard!

But  I frequently find that later the sitter will come back and tell me I was right.  The information given to me by the spirit person was correct. The sitter had simply forgotten or didn't know what I was talking about.  Sometimes the sitter will go and check with someone else who knew the deceased person and that person will verify the information.

I once had a spirit person telling me about a bear with a yellow ribbon around his neck.  The sitter had no idea what I was talking about.  She checked with her mother and she verified that the mother had a bear just like that when she was young.

When doing a reading I am often tempted to skip information because it seems trite, or because I think it couldn't be real, or because someone else just said the same thing. It is so easy to doubt myself and doubt what comes through.

That doubt will kill a reading faster than anything.  A medium must let her mind go and say whatever comes into it no matter how silly it seems.

Even when I am having objective experiences with spirit I have had trouble trusting.  I work very hard to overcome this difficulty.  I must be willing to blindly step into the void and trust that the spirit people will be there to catch me.

Each time I go live on Facebook to do readings I have to trust that people will show up who want readings and that spirit will be there. Then I have to trust the information that comes through.  That's a lot of trust!

I like to plan things

By nature I am someone who likes to plan things out.  I spend a great deal of time in my own head planning how conversations will go.  But I can't do this when working as a medium.  I can not plan ahead what I'm going to say.

The more readings I do the more I trust my experiences.  When a medium doesn't trust her experiences the spirit people don't want to use her as a medium to connect with their loved ones.  The spirit people think "Why would I use her? she won't trust what I'm telling her."

I absolutely love giving great evidence. Ironically, the only way to give great evidence is to let my mind go and  blindly trust in spirit and have no idea that what I am saying is true.

Thank you for reading my blog post. Until next time...



Chloe Miguel, Psychic Medium
Feb 22, 2018
Anchorage, Alaska

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Why is Evidence Important?

How I Went From Massage Therapist to Medium

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