Why Do I Want to be a Medium?

Mavis in Seattle Class 2017
Mavis in Seattle Class 2017

I have just returned from a workshop in Seattle taught by world renowned medium Mavis Pitilla. I learned much more than I expected and met many wonderful mediums who I now consider friends. Rather than just teaching techniques, Mavis teaches us to get to know ourselves and our own mediumship. Top on my mind since my return to Alaska has been why do I even want to do this? In order to be the best medium I can for you I need to know why I even want to. Accepting my mediumship took a very long time and plenty of soul searching.  I had to address and overcome numerous fears.

Why do I want to be a medium?

Why do I want to be a medium? After all, the path of the medium is not an easy one.  Mediumship is a difficult discipline to do well.  Communicating with spirit on demand is different and more difficult than spontaneous communication.  Meaning when I attempt to contact a sitter's loved ones on the other side it's different (more difficult) than when those in spirit make themselves known to me and ask for communication.  (I am always ever grateful to the spirit world for their patience with me.)  Being a medium also subjects one to the negative attitudes of those in the physical world.  Whether other people accuse mediums of being fraudulent or doing the devil's work the negativity can be hard to take. So, why would anyone want to do this?

Mediums and those involved with the spirit world are often very altruistic and compassionate people. Often I have heard from teachers that "your first reason for wanting to be a medium had better be to help others." While that is true for me just as important is that my work be personally fulfilling.  There are many, many ways of helping other people and not all of those ways do I find enjoyable or personally fulfilling. I have had a very fulfilling career as a massage therapist for many years.  I could keep doing that and help others. My massage clients could certainly argue that massage is my gift and best way to help others.

Mavis Pitilla and Chloe Miguel
Mavis Pitilla and Chloe Miguel

However, when I have delivered a loving message and proven to someone on the earth plane through evidence that life does go on the healing that takes place is much more profound than anything else I can facilitate. When someone's grief is alleviated just a little bit and he or she gets to spend time for a few moments longer in a true loving connection with someone on the other side I am so deeply aware of the difference my mediunship ability has made in their life. That communication helps not only those still on the earth plane but those in spirit too. They miss you and want to talk with you too. Often those in spirit want the connection more than those on earth.

My ability to see, hear, feel those in spirit can provide a profound level of healing. To ignore it is to squander a precious gift from God. Who am I to squander that which God has given me?

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Everyday Miracles

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Miracles happen every day as a medium.

I love what I do. I really love it. When I talk with a spirit on the other side and they provide me with those little obscure details about their lives that give their loved ones here some peace of mind I'm so happy to have helped them. I'm elated. Facilitating these miracles makes my world go around. It makes all the doubt and ridicule worth it. I love connecting with spirits and feeling their emotions.  I love feeling how much they love their families who are still here.

Our loved ones on the other side are exactly as funny, quirky, smart and loving as we remember them.  When they come through and show me those little details that define their lives it's pure magic, a miracle.  Facilitating those connections fuels me. They keep me going.  I'm thrilled when I am able to serve spirit in this way. When I am able to give people who love each other another visit. I feel the spirit person's emotions and I know how much your loved ones care about you. I literally feel it and often it brings tears to my eyes.

It happened again today. A spirit provided me with that one little detail, that one word that meant so much to her family.  This kind of thing changes people's lives. I'm so honored and blessed that spirit has chosen me to connect with them.



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Hit On By a Spirit: A First For Me

I got hit on by a spirit last night.  Being hit on by a spirit is a first for me!  I went to my monthly women's personal development group and there was a new woman there, Jo. She is also a psychic medium and travels with about 20 spirit guides and discarnate family members and ancestors.

When she entered the room and sat down I immediately saw all the spirits around her.  Jo could tell I saw them and we laughed about it.  Jo said her brother had passed about four years prior and she wanted to connect with him.

During the evening I became aware of a spirit man sitting next to me tickling my ear with feathers.  I knew it Jo's brother.  I eventually said something to her and she said it was indeed her brother as feathers are his calling card.   She was glad to hear from him and he proved to be a funny, jovial spirit.

Later that evening after our meeting adjourned I became aware of him sitting in the passenger seat of my car as I drove home. I heard in my head "Hey you're cute." I thought it was my ego and imagination.  But he persisted.  Then he said "I like a girl in sweat pants." I just started laughing.  This was funny because I had deliberately changed out of an attractive outfit and worn sweats to the meeting so I could be comfortable.  This went on for a little bit until I asked him to leave me alone please.

The next morning I called Jo to tell her what happened.  She laughed and confirmed it was her brother hitting on me.  The previous evening as she left the meeting she realized that I was exactly the kind of gal her brother would like and that he would probably flirt with me. She wasn't at all surprised that he had.

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Facebook Readings – Update

The online reading I did turned out very interesting.  The man whose picture was posted did indeed come through with confirmed evidence that it was him.  He told me how he died (cancer).  He told me how much he loved and missed the lady who was asking for the reading and confirmed that they were each other's first loves.  However, I was getting two causes of death.  One was cancer but I was also feeling a motocross accident.  I also heard the name Ricky.  As it turns out Ricky was his half-brother who died in a motorcoss accident.

I could clearly see how much he loved racing and how involved with the sport he was.  There was also evidence coming through that applied to other family members.  So I had two strong spirit connections coming through at the same time.  Now I realize that when I'm clearly getting two causes of death that means there are two spirits talking and I need to ask them to please speak one at a time.  The lady who asked for the reading was happy to have made a real connection and was able to heal some of her grief. I'm grateful to have helped facilitate that connection.

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Facebook Readings

I recently signed up for some free psychic/medium Facebook groups so I can do more readings.  These are fun and I have done a few readings.  Most people post a picture of themselves and ask if anybody gets anything.  Most of the time I don't get much just from looking at someone's picture.

If I feel somewhat drawn to a picture I will draw a few tarot cards for them.  I will post a picture of the cards I drew and tell them what they mean along with my intuitive interpretation of it.  If I feel they have a spirit who wants to talk to them I will tell them what I pick up on.  I have only done a few of these so far.  I find it hard to connect with people's loved ones on the other side with only a photograph.  So far when I have done readings I have been on the phone or in person.

Sometimes rather than post a picture of themselves, a person posts a picture of a loved one who has passed on.  I usually don't feel much connection with a photograph.  I just don't feel the energy.  I need to be in the living persons energy to make the connection.  But there was a picture of a deceased young man to whom I was drawn.  He popped into my mind a few times and I saw the purple flashes.  So I figured he wanted me to read.  I wrote some things down and posted it to the group. I hope the information I provided gives the person who is still living some healing and peace.  I will let you know if I get any feedback.

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I Knew I Was a Medium When…

I knew I was a medium when
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The First Time I KNEW I was a Medium

The first time I knew I was a medium was also one of the most amazing.  I was working as a massage therapist.  A client came in needing some work on her neck.  She had recently had neck fusion and has having a lot of pain.  She filled out her paperwork and we walked into my massage room so she could tell me more about what she needed.  I was standing across the table from her when I suddenly saw a purple flash of light right next to her.  It was bright purple and about the size of a quarter.  I had been seeing these lights for about a year and knew I didn't have a serious medical condition. But I had never seen one that large.

In the instant I saw the flash of light I suddenly had and understanding.  I knew exactly what the light was. It was a spirit who wanted to talk to my client. I don't know how I knew it but I KNEW it. The information just came in my mind. I paused for a moment unsure if I should say anything to the client. I didn't know her at all and she was there for massage. To suddenly say she has a spirit who wants to talk would be very weird and possibly offensive. But I did anyway.

The Spirit Spoke Through Me

I told her she had a spirit who wanted to talk to her. The information from spirit started pouring into my mind and I passed it along to my client. I knew it was her mother. I asked if her mother was gone and my client started crying. Her mother started speaking through me confirming fact after fact with my client. She confirmed that she was gardening in a lovely garden, she had her "little Toto dog" with her on the other side. Her mother in spirit mentioned a white rose my client had received a couple days before. She told my client how much she loved her and that she was such a good girl.

These were very important exact details that my client's mother's spirit said that confirmed to my client it was indeed her mother.  My client and I were both in tears hugging now.  She had been waiting 20 years to hear from her mother. My client was overjoyed and overcome with emotion as she had been doing much therapy to overcome emotional abuse by her mother and had just completed therapy.

The healing my client received from this connection was profoundly deep. I came away from it fundamentally changed as well now because at 43 years old I knew I was a medium. I saw the depth of healing that can occur when someone has a real connection with a loved one on the other side.

Being a medium is odd and I fully understand that. Even now I occasionally wonder "Is this really happening?" Then I remember all the amazing things I've seen and heard.  I love being a medium.  Spirit does things which constantly awe me. Who wouldn't want to do something that leaves her in awe regularly?

I am grateful to and humbled by spirit every day.

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Heading to New Jersey

Posted April 20, 2017 Mediumship Training

I'm heading to New Jersey tonight for a mediumship training workshop in New Jersey. I'll arrive at Newark around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. The workshop is taught by John Holland and Janet Nohavec at the Journey Within Spiritualist Church in Pompton Lakes. I'm excited and a little scared. Mediumship is fairly new to me still and I while I did complete an online mediumship course through the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts I have not attended a workshop before. But I decided since spirit has shown me this path it's my obligation and privilege to learn all I can to become the very best medium I can become.

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Providing Evidence That Your Loved Ones Are With You