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Introspection and Sensitivity in Winter

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This time of year is very introspective for me.  But one person's introspection is another person's boring blog post. However, since introspection keeps coming up for me I will write about it today.

I live in Alaska and as a psychic medium I'm naturally a sensitive person. So I really notice the seasonal changes here.  You don't have to be a sensitive psychic medium to notice that in the summer we have 20 hours of daylight and in the winter it dwindles to about 4.

When the days get short and the temperatures get cold I turn inward and reflect upon my life.  I used to get depressed but now I recognize it and go with the flow and things are much better. I relax and realize it's the yin time of year and I slow down and enjoy it. The beauty of winter in Alaska is all around me.

According to Chinese medicine this is the Yin time of year.  "Yin" = dark, cold, inward, moon, feminine and winter. "Yang"( the opposite of yin) = bright, sun, masculine, warm, outward and summer. These terms describe what the energies of yin and yang feel like. It does not mean that women are sad and depressed and cold and that men are warm and and outgoing.

The middle of the winter in Alaska is definitely yin. I want to stay inside and read and be cozy and think and write.  Those are absolutely introspective and inward qualities. But often life requires us to be more yang.

Our lives require us to go to work, to go to the grocery store, to care for the children, to cook and entertain family and friends over the holidays. The alarm goes off in the morning and we have to get up and exercise, take showers and go out in the world and negotiate things and communicate with other people.  Those are all yang activities.  They feel unnatural to me during the deep winter.

It's not bad to be participating in yang activities when the season tells us to be more yin. In fact it's probably good to do those things. After all, it's good to have balance. But I believe it is important to recognize and honor the yin.

If you feel like taking some time for yourself to be alone and introspective, to write and think and drink hot tea, take it if you can. Summer will be here before you know it and bring heat and daylight and being outside and kids playing sports.

Living in Alaska has taught me about the cyclical nature of life. I had a hard time coming to terms with it and fought it the first few (really like 10) years that I was here. Being a sensitive, the adjustment was rough. But I have come to enjoy and even welcome the change in seasons and the winter.

As a psychic medium, it's important that I am sensitive.  That's how I'm able to read the energy around me and communicate with spirit people. Understanding my sensitivity and learning to live with it and enjoy it has brought me much greater peace in my life.

Happy Winter,


Chloe Miguel, Psychic Medium
Dec 26, 2018
Anchorage, Alaska

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I Was There

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

A friend of mine posted this to Facebook. It's so appropriate and timely for the holiday season when many of us are experiencing deep grief over lost loved ones.  This essay was written by medium George Anderson. Happy Holidays to all. XO, Chloe

From George Anderson
December 11, 2014

Every once in a while a client will come along and ask a question that makes me look back at my life of listening to the souls, and brings me to such an incredible place of understanding of not only bereavement, but of the very essence of faith and hope. I was asked a rather simple question: “What were the most beautiful words you’ve ever heard from the souls?” I had to think about it-- but the answer was spoken to me before I could even think of it, and it rang in my head and caused me to go backward through nearly 50 years of communication like an epic movie in the space of a few seconds. I realized the woman was still in front of me and waiting for an answer, so I told her--”They’re the three most simple words ever spoken.”

No, not those words--“I love you” is far too easy. These three simple words are so profound and important to the souls that they have the power to change everything we thought about the loss of our loved ones and our need to find hope. I thought back to the hundreds and perhaps thousands of times they have been said by the souls, and how poignant and beautiful they really are. The words are these:
“I was there.”

“I was there when you got the awful call. I was there when the police came to the door grim faced, and you felt as if all the air was punched out of you. I was there beside the wreck, and I was there when you found me. I was there when you were asked my name and age, and for a minute you couldn’t even think of my age. I was there when you had to identify me and I was there when you tried not to scream when they warned you to brace yourself."

“I was there when the seconds felt like hours, and I was there when people babbled incoherently about “God’s will.” I was there when you picked my favorite suit and I was there when you pulled out my prom dress. I was there when the funeral director knew he’d lost your attention, and I was there when the pastor tried to gather information for a eulogy. I was there when you couldn’t find the will to close my casket, and I was there when you had to say goodbye to my physical body.”

“I was there when everyone was gone and the house was so still. I was there when you watched the clock all night, and I was there when you saw the sun rise and wondered how you could continue living. I was there when nothing and nobody mattered to you anymore, and I was there when you bargained with God for just a small sign from me. I was there when you started finding your faith again, and I was there when you made the decision to continue living for me.”

“I was there the first time you laughed in spite of yourself. I was there when you went back to work, and saw a movie, and tended to the garden. I was there when you started reaching out to others in the same boat, and I was there when you wished me a happy birthday, or a happy anniversary, or even a happy Tuesday. I was even there the day you first realized you found hope, and the first time you could feel my hand on your heart.”

“I was there when you planted the tree, when you created the scholarship, and when you donated your time and money in my name. I was there when you pulled another mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister or grandparent aside to tell them you understand and it will be ok in time. I was there when you found a way to continue my work, and I was there when you honored me with your service to others. I was there when you ran the marathon, when you graduated, when you married, and when you retired. No milestone went unnoticed by me because whether you knew it or not, I was there.”

“I’ll be there when it’s time for the portal to open for you, and I’ll be there when your body takes its last breath. I’ll be there to be the first person to smile at you and I’ll be there to explain that at long last, your journey is done. I’ll be there when you say goodbye to the earth, and I’ll be there to teach you how to be there for those you’ll leave behind. I’ll be there, because I’ve been there.”

As I’ve said many times over the years, we are loved well beyond our comprehension, and we are never alone on the earth when we have a loved one in the hereafter. The souls have always been there for us, and until the day we see them again in a world of joy, they will always be there.


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