Facebook Readings – Update

The online reading I did turned out very interesting.  The man whose picture was posted did indeed come through with confirmed evidence that it was him.  He told me how he died (cancer).  He told me how much he loved and missed the lady who was asking for the reading and confirmed that they were each other's first loves.  However, I was getting two causes of death.  One was cancer but I was also feeling a motocross accident.  I also heard the name Ricky.  As it turns out Ricky was his half-brother who died in a motorcoss accident.

I could clearly see how much he loved racing and how involved with the sport he was.  There was also evidence coming through that applied to other family members.  So I had two strong spirit connections coming through at the same time.  Now I realize that when I'm clearly getting two causes of death that means there are two spirits talking and I need to ask them to please speak one at a time.  The lady who asked for the reading was happy to have made a real connection and was able to heal some of her grief. I'm grateful to have helped facilitate that connection.

If would like to speak with your loved ones on the other side schedule a reading today!

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