Facebook Readings

I recently signed up for some free psychic/medium Facebook groups so I can do more readings.  These are fun and I have done a few readings.  Most people post a picture of themselves and ask if anybody gets anything.  Most of the time I don't get much just from looking at someone's picture.

If I feel somewhat drawn to a picture I will draw a few tarot cards for them.  I will post a picture of the cards I drew and tell them what they mean along with my intuitive interpretation of it.  If I feel they have a spirit who wants to talk to them I will tell them what I pick up on.  I have only done a few of these so far.  I find it hard to connect with people's loved ones on the other side with only a photograph.  So far when I have done readings I have been on the phone or in person.

Sometimes rather than post a picture of themselves, a person posts a picture of a loved one who has passed on.  I usually don't feel much connection with a photograph.  I just don't feel the energy.  I need to be in the living persons energy to make the connection.  But there was a picture of a deceased young man to whom I was drawn.  He popped into my mind a few times and I saw the purple flashes.  So I figured he wanted me to read.  I wrote some things down and posted it to the group. I hope the information I provided gives the person who is still living some healing and peace.  I will let you know if I get any feedback.

If you'd like a reading please contact me.

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