I Knew I Was a Medium When…

I knew I was a medium when
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The First Time I KNEW I was a Medium

The first time I knew I was a medium was also one of the most amazing.  I was working as a massage therapist.  A client came in needing some work on her neck.  She had recently had neck fusion and has having a lot of pain.  She filled out her paperwork and we walked into my massage room so she could tell me more about what she needed.  I was standing across the table from her when I suddenly saw a purple flash of light right next to her.  It was bright purple and about the size of a quarter.  I had been seeing these lights for about a year and knew I didn't have a serious medical condition. But I had never seen one that large.

In the instant I saw the flash of light I suddenly had and understanding.  I knew exactly what the light was. It was a spirit who wanted to talk to my client. I don't know how I knew it but I KNEW it. The information just came in my mind. I paused for a moment unsure if I should say anything to the client. I didn't know her at all and she was there for massage. To suddenly say she has a spirit who wants to talk would be very weird and possibly offensive. But I did anyway.

The Spirit Spoke Through Me

I told her she had a spirit who wanted to talk to her. The information from spirit started pouring into my mind and I passed it along to my client. I knew it was her mother. I asked if her mother was gone and my client started crying. Her mother started speaking through me confirming fact after fact with my client. She confirmed that she was gardening in a lovely garden, she had her "little Toto dog" with her on the other side. Her mother in spirit mentioned a white rose my client had received a couple days before. She told my client how much she loved her and that she was such a good girl.

These were very important exact details that my client's mother's spirit said that confirmed to my client it was indeed her mother.  My client and I were both in tears hugging now.  She had been waiting 20 years to hear from her mother. My client was overjoyed and overcome with emotion as she had been doing much therapy to overcome emotional abuse by her mother and had just completed therapy.

The healing my client received from this connection was profoundly deep. I came away from it fundamentally changed as well now because at 43 years old I knew I was a medium. I saw the depth of healing that can occur when someone has a real connection with a loved one on the other side.

Being a medium is odd and I fully understand that. Even now I occasionally wonder "Is this really happening?" Then I remember all the amazing things I've seen and heard.  I love being a medium.  Spirit does things which constantly awe me. Who wouldn't want to do something that leaves her in awe regularly?

I am grateful to and humbled by spirit every day.

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