Hit On By a Spirit: A First For Me

I got hit on by a spirit last night.  Being hit on by a spirit is a first for me!  I went to my monthly women's personal development group and there was a new woman there, Jo. She is also a psychic medium and travels with about 20 spirit guides and discarnate family members and ancestors.

When she entered the room and sat down I immediately saw all the spirits around her.  Jo could tell I saw them and we laughed about it.  Jo said her brother had passed about four years prior and she wanted to connect with him.

During the evening I became aware of a spirit man sitting next to me tickling my ear with feathers.  I knew it Jo's brother.  I eventually said something to her and she said it was indeed her brother as feathers are his calling card.   She was glad to hear from him and he proved to be a funny, jovial spirit.

Later that evening after our meeting adjourned I became aware of him sitting in the passenger seat of my car as I drove home. I heard in my head "Hey you're cute." I thought it was my ego and imagination.  But he persisted.  Then he said "I like a girl in sweat pants." I just started laughing.  This was funny because I had deliberately changed out of an attractive outfit and worn sweats to the meeting so I could be comfortable.  This went on for a little bit until I asked him to leave me alone please.

The next morning I called Jo to tell her what happened.  She laughed and confirmed it was her brother hitting on me.  The previous evening as she left the meeting she realized that I was exactly the kind of gal her brother would like and that he would probably flirt with me. She wasn't at all surprised that he had.

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