How Does Someone Become a Medium?

How Does Someone become a medium
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How Does Someone Become a Medium?

So how does someone become a medium? Are we born this way? Do we learn this? Can you study and become a medium?

The answer is that nobody really knows for sure.  There are different ideas out there about how mediums come about.  Some mediums believe that mediums are born and not made and no amount of trying will make you a medium.  Others believe anyone can be a medium. They believe that if you study and sit in development circles and try to develop yourself you will become a medium.

Mediums are like basketball players

I believe the answer is somewhere in between.  I do think anyone can do this .  However, I don't believe everyone can do it well.  To me it's like playing  basketball.  Anyone can technically do it.  With lessons and practice you might even get pretty good.

But for most people no matter how many lessons and practice you do you aren't going to be LeBron James.  I can shoot a basketball.  Sometimes I even get it in the net.  I can learn the rules of the game well enough.  With enough practice and instruction I could probably even play on a non-competitive local team for middle aged ladies.  But I'm never going to be able to play professionally.

Some people are just born with more of a natural inclination to play basketball.  When they work hard and practice they get really, really good and can play professionally.

It's the same with mediumship.  Some people are born just being able to communicate with the spirit world better than others.  They always know the spirit people are there and never question it. With practice they can get really good at it and even help other people.

Inherited Ability

My mediumship seemed to come out of nowhere. It just started. I did not want it and was not expecting it.  So what about people like me who aren't mediums then suddenly become mediums?

When I look back over my life I can see that actually mediumship was always there. I just pushed it away for a very long time for a number of reasons.  However, it's my life work so  eventually the mediumship asserted itself and I was called to be a medium. When you have something in your life that you are supposed to do...something that you are destined to do as part of your life plan the ringing becomes so loud that you have little choice but to answer the call.

Nature And Nurture

My mediumship ability is inherited.  It comes from my dad's side of the family.  My dad could do it if he wanted.  My grandmother could have done it had she wanted to and my great grandmother had the gift. However, none of them developed it.

Although, my ability is inherited I have also worked hard to hone the skill.  I have attended workshops, sat in circles and meditation, and done distance courses.  Like many people with raw natural abilities, like a star basketball player, I needed coaching and teaching to be the best medium I can be.  It's important that I practice my skill to the best of my ability so that I can give the best readings possible so that you can get the most healing you can.

So I believe mediums, like any other skilled, talented person are both born and made.


Chloe Miguel, Psychic Medium
Dec 13, 2018
Anchorage, Alaska

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