How to Balance Self-Care and Family Life

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How to Balance Self-Care and Family Life


When parents feel burned out, it can be harder for them to care for their loved ones or engage in social-emotional activities. This is exactly why self-care is an important pillar of healthy family life. If you’re struggling to fit self-care into your life and still be there for your family, you can find time to do little things to help yourself out. Here’s how you can balance the two.


  1. Play sports together


Experts highlight the fact that playing sports together isn’t just a way to get exercise together. It reinforces family bonds in a positive way and creates healthy traditions. It’s also a great way to decompress and get out some tension after a long day. Basketball is a great sport to play together as a family. If you’re looking to buy a basketball hoop for your home, research them thoroughly. Outside of price (you can purchase one for under $200), you’ll also want to look at how durable it is, as well as how easy it is to assemble.


  1. Chores are for everyone


Child development researchers mention that sharing chores can give kids structure and routine. This helps maintain good parental relationships. It also frees up time for the family to spend together. Get your kids and partner in on all the chores, including cooking. Do chores together as a group. This can help incentivize your family to get things done because there will be less work to do if you work together.


  1. Declutter your home


This may sound contradictory, but one of the best ways to relax is by maintaining a clean home. A messy environment can overwhelm you with too much visual stimuli, causing anxiety and feelings of guilt and embarrassment. Invite the family to help you organize one room at a time; make it fun by playing your favorite music. When it’s time to deep clean the home, give yourself a break by hiring a cleaning service. The average price of maid services in Anchorage ranges from $133 to $305.


  1. Prioritize rest


You may feel like there’s a long list of items to take care of from the moment you wake up. Making sure your body gets enough rest is an important way to reduce stress, maximize energy, and actually be more productive. It sometimes can be a family effort, but if your kids are in bed and the house is a little more peaceful, it’ll be easier for you to wind down and go to bed at a reasonable time.


  1. Try some apps


Phone apps can be used to track productivity, gauge smartphone use, or even lock a phone for a short time. This is beneficial because smartphones are one of the biggest detractors from quality family time. Turning your phones off for just a short period is an excellent way to maximize family time. Some apps also help you track habits and help you get into healthier habits and move away from the bad ones. Use your phone’s powers for good.


  1. Compliment your loved ones


Compliments can positively impact mental health. Studies have also shown that giving compliments can even positively influence immune function and promote serotonin release. They don’t have to be rare to be sincere. Regularly identify specific things you love about your family members and friends and tell them about it. If you appreciate your child cleaning their room, tell them. If you appreciate what your partner does for you, tell them.


  1. Take a walk


Walking can help people sleep better and improve heart health. It also provides a fun activity that the whole family can engage in. Take regular walks throughout the day whenever possible. If you work away from home, walk around your office building. You can walk up and down stairwells to improve your fitness. Take walks with your family as well, as walks are a calming activity.


  1. Write down one goal


Writing down a goal increases the likelihood that the goal will be achieved by improving motivation and narrowing the focus of the goal. Simply having the reminder each day is hugely beneficial. Goals can also help you identify what you really want and give you something to work on regularly.


As you spend more time with your family and find ways to do fun things together, you’ll feel better. Get your family members involved in doing chores, and set goals. Self-care isn’t just being alone; it’s finding time for the people you love.

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