Paranormal Activity is Usually a Loved One in Spirit

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Occasionally I get a call where someone has perceived spiritual activity in their home. They may have heard sounds or seen lights blinking or have seen objects moved around. When someone experiences paranormal activity it can be confusing and frightening. People are afraid their home is haunted and they want me to fix it. Cases of paranormal activity fall into one of the following groups. Spirits of loved ones, spirit people you do not know, or residual energy.

Spirits of Loved Ones

Most of the time spirit activity in your home is the spirit of one of you loved ones who has passed on. They are trying to let you know they are ok and are still around. They come to comfort and console you. Our loved ones in spirit want us to be happy and know they are still around.

Loved ones in spirit love your kids! I have had multiple readings where the loved one in spirit says they love playing with the baby. My sitter will confirm their child appears sometimes to be playing with someone who is not there. The majority of the time the spirit activity in the home is a loved one you know.

Spirits You Do Not Know

Spirit activity in your home can also be spirit people you do not know. I have seen this happen when the person experiencing it has a higher level of mediumistic ability. In this case it’s not really the home that has the spiritual activity, it is you. You are ablet to tune into the spirit world and the spirit people know it. They see it like a light on a switch board and they come to you. Sometimes they want you to pass a message to their family. Other times it’s something else. I know a lady who uses an older home for her therapy office. There is an old man there who really likes how she’s using his home. I do not think he is always hanging around the house, but he came by while I was there to express his approval.

Residual Energy

The other possibility for paranormal activity in the home is residual energy. Places can hold energy in them. People can imprint their energy. Residual energy is what you’re seeing when you see a ‘ghost’ that doesn’t interact with you. There is no intelligent communication. If you move into a home where unhappy people lived before you, the home can retain that energy and just feel off. This can be misinterpreted a “negative entity’. Someone who is sensitive to energy may feel like there is something wrong or bad about the place.

Why I Do Not Do Home Cleansings

I do not currently offer spiritual cleansing of people’s homes because I do not think it’s effective. All the smudging and placing crystals will not keep your loved ones away. Also, since it’s not my home I am not the one who needs to politely ask the spirit person to leave. It’s the owner of the home who needs to set boundaries. However, If I see a spirit person in the background on your zoom screen during a reading I will try and connect for you. Those are almost always your loved ones.

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2 thoughts on “Paranormal Activity is Usually a Loved One in Spirit”

  1. What you’ve said Chloe concurs so well with what paranormal investigators have been finding. Grandparents, godparents, that great aunt whom everyone loved, so often they are the ones coming around to check on us, make sure we’re doing well, wishing to console us in our distress. Why would anyone wish to chase off a loved one who’s only wishing to help? Of course, if we’re not sure who is in our home we may need to call in someone who can help identify the spirit. But once we know the spirit’s intentions are good, why not let them be, even talk to them.

    Fav quote: “Ghosts are people too” — Amy Bruni

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