Soulmates, Love, and Soul Connections: We Have Many Soulmates

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The notion of Soulmates Romanticized

We have this idea that there is one true soul mate for us and that person will be our lifetime partner and we will live happily ever after. Sorry to disappoint you but soulmates are much less romantic than that. We tend to think of our soulmate as our one true love. And then we pin all our hopes and dreams and happiness on finding this person. In fact, your happiness does not depend on another person. But that’s a topic for another day. We all have many soulmates.

What Are Soul Connections?

A soul connection or soulmate is simply a recognition you have with another person. You recognize them on a soul level and you feel it. You feel like you’ve known them before and maybe like you’ve always known them. There is just something so familiar about them. This is your soul recognizing their soul. You have lived lifetimes together before. Often the other person feels it too. They also recognize you. This can be a very strong feeling.

It can feel overwhelming when it’s someone that you are romantically involved with. We call that person our soulmate. But what happens when the relationship ends? Then we feel as if we’ve lost our soulmate and our chance for happiness. It gets confusing and we think maybe they were not our soulmate. We fall in love with someone else and think this new person is our soulmate. There are many people in our lives like this and these soul mates have served in many different roles in previous lives or future lives on this planet and others.

We have spent lifetimes as friends, lovers, spouses, siblings, parents, and children, etc. with these soulmates. We have many soulmates not just one. You have many chances for romantic fulfillment not just one. Everyone who you are close to is most likely a soulmate. The really important soulmates are often the ones who irritate us the most. Those souls are teaching us things and we are teaching them things for our soulss growth. Most people do not want to hear that the person they despise is most likely a soulmate.

Primary Soulmates

However, I also believe in primary soulmates. This is a soul who we have chosen to incarnate with in a very close relationships over many lifetimes. Often, they are our spouse but not always. They can serve in any of the roles I listed above. Sometimes we do get to have the ‘happily ever after’ with our primary soulmate but not every time. Even if we are romantically involved with our primary soulmate that relationship can end. Often one of the people does not recognize the other or thinks they can do better. Even though I believe in primary soulmates that does not mean that person is who we are meant to mate with for life.

To give you a little perspective, even I as a psychic medium do not know who my primary soulmate is or if they have even incarnated in this life. It could be one of several people. Maybe I do not have one. I will not know until I return to my spirit home.

Many books have been written by hypnotherapists and other professionals on past lives and our soul experiences between lives.  A few authors you may want to check out are Delores Cannon, Michael Newton, and Brian Weiss.

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