Spirit Visitation Dream

Spirit Visitation Dream
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Spirit Visitation Dream

My Grandmother Claire who is on the other side blessed me with a spirit visitation dream the other night.  She appeared in a dream smiling and saying "Hi Chloe!" I loved seeing her again and she looked fantastic.  She smiled and was happy to see me. As soon as she appeared I knew I was having a dream visitation and I said "Ooooooh! A visitation!" to her. Grandma Claire laughed and smiled and we drank some tea.  We then spent some time together talking and laughing and enjoying our relationship. She knew of my mediumship and is working with me on it. Grandma also told me she's very happy and keeps herself busy on the other side.  She goes to exercise classes and she even has a job. She appeared just as I remembered her and I woke from this dream very happy.

Many people have dreams of their loved ones on the other side. So what is it? Is it just a dream? Or is this a true spirit visitation. Often these dreams ease our minds and leave us with a feeling of peace about our loved one's passing. The dreams are usually very vivid and real-feeling.

True Spirit Visitations

I believe these are true spirit visitations. Spirits can reach us most easily in our dream state. This is because we are more open to it and they can easily insert themselves into our dreams. Our loved ones want us to to know they are OK and that they are happy and at peace. Most often they want us to know that they are still with us. Our loved ones are literally only a thought away and we can contact them any time by merely thinking about them.  They hear our thoughts and come to us.

So, thank you Grandma, for coming to me in my dream. Thank you for the spirit visitation. Although I am a medium and I am aware of my loved ones' presences I do still like a good dream visitation.

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