What are ghosts and do you believe in them?

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You may or may not believe in ghosts but they do exist.

However, they may not be what you think they are. The word ghost can have numerous meanings. Mostly it has a fearful connotation.

When we think of the word ghost, we often think of something malevolent haunting us. That really is not the truth.

A ghost is just an energy.

It can be an energy that is conscious or unconscious. I believe that most ghosts people may meet are the unconscious type. In that case it is more like an energy imprint. And not a spirit with which you can interact. My guides described it to me like this: it is like a recording of music. You are not actually hearing the band play, but you are still listening to the music. It is a recording. So, when you see a ghost like that it is recording of energy. I also believe that you may be seeing into another timeline. You could be getting a glimpse across dimensions and times.

A ghost that is unconscious will not interact with you. You cannot speak with it or have any interaction with it. It does not appear to see you and will not acknowledge you. This suggests the kinds of things people see in old buildings when they report that they have seen a figure walking down the hall or something similar. They may appear in clothing from a different period. The figure does not acknowledge you and just passes through.

The other type would be the coconscious type. This is not really a ghost exactly it is a conscious spirit person. This is when you see the spirit of person. Usually, it is a loved one and they see you back. They acknowledge that you see them. Often, they communicate with you. This most often happens when we see our loved ones after they have passed. They may come to tell us they are ok. Our loved ones might bring messages of hope and reassurance. They want us to know that they have survived their physical death. These are very comforting experiences.

Chloe Miguel, Anchorage, AK March, 2022

2 thoughts on “What are ghosts and do you believe in them?”

  1. I’ve had some experiences with the unconscious type but with that fearful connotation associated with it. I’m going to try to approach things without that fearful stigma from now on.
    Wow that’s so interesting that you can communicate with the conscious type and have some sort of interaction with them. Pretty amazing stuff, Good Read ?

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