What Is a Spiritual Awakening?

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

What does it mean to have a spiritual awakening?

I see many references on social media and the internet to having a “spiritual awakening’. Everyone seems to be having a spiritual awakening. And that’s great. But what does it mean? I see loads of harmful, fearful, and just wrong information out there.

The first association I often see people make is that it means your psychic abilities are growing stronger. This also seems to be what most people want. While it’s true that many people going through a spiritual awakening do experience an increase in psychic and mediumistic abilities, that is not your spiritual awakening. It’s not even the main part. Rather it’s a byproduct of becoming more spiritually aware.

A spiritual awakening is when a person becomes truly aware of the spiritual nature of themselves and everything and everyone around them.

That’s it. There is no certain path or required steps. There are no stages. You are having a spiritual awakening when you begin to realize the world of spirit exists and everything that we see is a physical overlay. Coming to this realization does not happen quickly or only once. It takes time. It will probably take the rest of your life. You are also likely to dip in an out of it. That’s perfectly normal. Meditation usually becomes part of it. Getting to know yourself and understand yourself apart from your thoughts is part of it. But you don’t have to do any specific practice to arrive there. However you want to do that is fine.

When you become aware of the reality of our spiritual nature you start to change.

You begin to see the illusion of the physical world. You naturally start to examine yourself and your place in the world and who and what you really are. You start to see through the illusion of everything associated with the egoic nature. You become more even tempered. And less likely to be buffeted by whatever whirlwind of drama is going on around you. I want to pause here however and let you know that your life will not always be one serene mediation. You are still a human being living in a physical world. You are literally here to enjoy the contrast. But while you’re here enjoying the contrast you have a knowing that underneath it all is the true spiritual nature of yourself and everyone else.

This will naturally give rise to a more compassionate state. You will care less about what other people think of you and more about serving them. Your fears of the illusory around you will be diminished you will grow as a soul and as a human being. I don’t truly believe that the term “spiritual awakening” can be categorized into any one thing. For each person a spiritual awakening is an individual journey. It is also not competitive. There is no way that one person can be farther on their spiritual journey than another. They are just on a different journey. It is being on the journey that counts not how psychic you are or how mediumistic you are or how compassionate you are that determines the value of your spiritual journey. Awakening to the spiritual reality and pursuing it as your journey is what counts.

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