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Schedule a Reading

Hi I would love to read for you.  Please visit my Calendly link to schedule with me.  

All readings are by phone or Zoom and include a digital recording. My readings are very organic in nature. They usually include intuitive and/ or mediumship work. I allow it to unfold organically and trust that spirit knows best what you need. Also, I am happy to record your session for you and email it to you at no additional charge.

If you have any questions at all please contact me Being comfortable with your session is vitally important for you to get the most out of it.


Please note readings are non-refundable but they can be rescheduled.

One Question by E-mail – $40

This is a great option if you just have one psychic question you’d like to ask.  This is only good only for intuitive work and I am not able to connect with your loved ones. Please send me your question via my Contact Form. I will reply within a few business days.

Reading 30-45 Min- $125 

This may be an intuitive reading or a mediumistic. Most sessions have some of both. Please see my page on What to Expect in a Reading. Digital recording included. Phone or Zoom. 

Exploring Your Abilities Session One Hour – $125  – Currently Unavailable

This one-on-one intro to psychic/mediumship development class is for those of you who have experienced psychic or mediumistic phenomena. and want more information. I will give “no BS” information about what is going on with you. You will have an hour of my time to ask any questions you want of me. We will cover basic psychic and mediumship information, definitions, spirit guides, mediations, books, classes, teachers, energy, chakras and more. I will also give you any guidance your guides want me to pass along to you.  It will include a digital recording and resource hand-out. Phone or zoom. 

Providing Evidence That Your Loved Ones Are With You