How I Met My Spirit Guide

How I Met My Spirit Guide


I met my spirit guide, Christof, before I even knew I was a medium or a psychic in January of 2016.

My friends at work and I had been on a spiritual path of discovery. I was learning about all kinds of new age concepts and had learned about spirit guides. Like many people I wanted to know who my spirit guide was.  I wanted to know a name and a face so I had a tangible image in my mind.

I was reading all kinds of books about spirit guides and decided just to ask if I could meet him.  Every night before I went to sleep I asked if my guide would introduce himself to me in my dreams.

It took about two weeks of consistent asking for him to show up. Then he appeared in a vivid dream.

Christof Appears

In my dream - which I now believe was actually astral travel - I was in my bed sleeping. I woke up and got out of my bed and walked into the hallway outside my room. There standing at the top of the stairs was my guide!

I knew immediately exactly who he was. This was my main spirit guide! He was about 5'10", muscular build, short black hair and olive complexion and looked Italian-American. He was wearing black BDU style pants with large pockets on the sides. They were tucked into black tactical boots. He was wearing a fitted red t-shirt tucked into his pants. I knew he was a fireman in his station house uniform. He also carried a small black hose coiled around his left shoulder. "Well come on let's go". He said to me.

What the actual hell?!! My spirit guide was MALE...and a hot male at that??? Oh NO NO NO NO NO! This cannot be my spirit guide. This was NOT what I expected a spirit guide to look like. Where are the flowing robes, the angelic glow?? And he's a GUY!? My spirit guide who knows all my deepest, darkest most embarrassing secrets is a hot guy!?? NO!!!

In my deepest mind I knew this was my spirit guide but my conscious mind did not want to accept it.  My spirit guide could simply NOT be an Italian-American male firefighter.  This is the spirit who knows me best. I just can't share my most intimate thoughts with a guy like this.

I told myself he must my son's spirit guide. My young son was very into all things firefighting at the time. Yes this must be his guide. Where's my real guide? Obviously this is a mistake.  All of this processed in my mind in just an instant. I had no choice but to go with him.

Other Spirit Guides

The next instant he was showing me a book. It looked similar to a high-school year book. He then opened it somewhere in the middle and showed me a page with some pictures on it. The pictures were oval black and white photographs of people and one giraffe. They were arranged in a circle. There were about 12 of them. Just over half had a picture in them and the rest were blank.

I understood these to be pictures of all my spirit guides. The ones with pictures in them were guides who had already appeared in my life. The rest of the guides would appear later when I needed them.

Validation in the Physical World

When I woke up and realized I had dreamed about my spirit guide I took a few hours to process it all. I did not remember who was in all the pictures except that one had been a giraffe. But I still did not know my guides name.

I asked in my mind what his name was. The information came in a rush and felt like a download. This was the first time I experienced this feeling of receiving information and knowing it was coming from outside me. "Christopher, Christoph, No it's Christof - with an 'f'." then Christof validated this experience in the physical world.

So I knew my guide's name is Christof. The next thing I heard in my mind was "Google my name". I Googled Christof and the first page I clicked on was a short bit of dialogue from the movie The Truman Show. Two characters named Christof and Chloe are discussing lighting for The Truman Show.

Christof: "We need more light. We'l never find him this way. What time is it?"

Chloe: "It's ...way too early for that."

Christof: "Cue the sun."

That's right. When I Googled Christof's name the very first page I came to was dialogue between two people named Christof and Chloe where Christof was bringing the light. POW! My mind was blown.

More Evidence

I need lots of evidence so I wanted more confirmation. So I grabbed my closest deck of oracle cards The Psychic Tarot.

The first card I pulled was "Spiritual Strength". Ok that's nice but I want more proof. I shuffled the cards and drew "Truth". BAM! I shuffled again and again drew the "Truth" Card. Twice in a row! I shuffled and drew again and once again got the "Truth" card. Holy Crap! This is REAL!

Christof had confirmed his existence to me in the real world.

Since then I have come to know and trust Christof. There are other guides in my life. I had another dream where Paul, my healing guide showed up. He is very tall with long straight gray hair. I have also met Ruth, my creativity guide, and Kayla my nature guide.

Recently I have found I have a mediumship guide.  He is and elderly gentleman who helps with my mediumship. I know him only as "Grandfather".  But he is not a grandfather I knew in this life.  I have also known a few others.

I hope you enjoyed my story and that it helps you understand that you can meet your spirit guides too.


With Love,


Chloe Miguel, Psychic Medium
June 1, 2018
Anchorage, Alaska

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