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A single conversation with Chloe helped me in more ways than I expected. Chloe provided much needed guidance in navigating my journey into the service of healing. She gave me a wealth of encouragement, pointed-out my strengths and offered insight into moving forward. If that wasn’t enough, an impromptu reading from one of my grandmothers was eye opening and an unexpected surprise! I’m forever grateful for her sharing her wisdom and skills with me.

“You are gifted with a really nice gift. I so glad my friend came through. I miss her a lot. My grandpa too. And ….. our families dog. She was my favorite pet. It helps to have closure after hearing from my friend. I’m glad she has our dog. (Our Family’s dog) was her favorite when she visited and stayed with me a lot. Thank you again.”


Chloe was fantastic. She has a bubbly, happy spirit that puts you in a relaxed comfort zone. She connected immediately to my family that has passed over and found validation that proved exactly who she was communicating with. She literally was joking around with my uncle. It was so wonderful. I feel sooo at peace. I highly recommend booking Chloe for a reading as you will NOT be disappointed.

Cyndy Kreutner

“Thank you Chloe. As always your words bring enlightenment and peace to my world.”


“I was blown away with the specificity and clarity of Chloe’s reading.  My aunt came through, but not just in a vague way.  She came through with the primary memories, images and iconic snapshots of our lives together.  Her backyard pool, the lush greenery around it, cousins playing in the pool, the cancer she struggled with, and her fierce view of the world, including her radical views on religious tradition. I miss her, and Chloe brought her back, if even for just a little while.”

-Bill Lynn

“Thank you so much for the reading today, it was amazing and I feel so blessed…I just wanted to reach out and to let you know that I did place the woman (who was not placed during the reading) I feel so blessed to have met you. Thank you so much for your courage in sharing your gift.”

-Dori D.

“I want to thank you for your excellent reading. Your reading was filled with evidential details that will stay with me and bring me comfort for years to come.”

-Debbie A.

“I have had readings with a number of mediums, and so far Chloe has provided me with the strongest evidence of actually being connected with the deceased.  The messages provided were accurate and convincing.  Being an engineer, I calculated that the odds of the evidence being accurate were about 1000 to 1, versus them being the result of coincidence or guesswork.  I definitely plan to have more readings with Chloe.”

-Frank Wilson

“We had a wonderful reading and truly enjoyed our experience! She was able to bring forward detailed information and wonderful messages from our loved ones!”

-Mig Aber-Had

“Chloe was an absolutely amazing medium! She put us all in tears, but left us with our questions answered. Thanks again! I highly recommend”

-Lindsay Lybarger

“I wanna say I was very skeptical. Not about mediums, but mostly con artist mediums. The moment I got on the phone with Chloe I felt this calmness about her. I loved how she was ready to jump in and didn’t want to know a lot about me prior to channeling spirits.

She was spot on about a lot of things. And I could almost feel like my loved one was right there speaking through her. There were things that I would say in my most inner thoughts that I’ve never told anybody and she brought them up. It gave me positive goosebumps! I highly recommend Chloe and I wish she had some sort of weekly deal because I feel like I might need her. Thanks Chloe ! I look forward to our next week session!”

-Chlesea Coartney

“I felt more at peace after talking with you. You are by far the most talented person I have talked to. I’m excited for friends and family to call you about communicating for them.”

-Sadie Smith

I really enjoyed the reading. The connection was great, your personality and attitude was phenomenal and the reading was spot on to what’s going on in my life. Thank you, again!
-A Satisfied Client

“This was my first time with a medium…she was spot on…the messages I received were , I believe, from close family members passed on…I Highly recommend a reading from this medium…you will not be disappointed…Carol Mill”

“Let me just say… WOW… and thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t believe how spot on my reading with Chloe was. She is so easy to talk to and I really feel that connection was made to my loved ones. Losing my dad and grandmother in such a short time span was devastating, to know they really are here with me gave me permission to breathe again. And my best friend, wow… what a treat it was. I can’t even begin to thank you enough for what you have given me today, it was truly life changing and lifted my heart.”

-Serena McCoy – KS

“Hello, Chloe, I just want to let you know how grateful I am for the huge opportunity to be read by you a few days ago. You connected to a very dear loved one who passed away in such difficult & untimely circumstances that I’m having difficulty dealing with the loss.
Your friendliness & warmth helped so much with the comforting messages you received from his spirit. You were spot on & knew it was him you connected to.
In all sincerity, you provided me with such comfort knowing he’s in a happier & loving place now & with his spirit family. You brought me peace knowing he’s at peace. Just today I cried again how much I miss him so much but the knowledge he’s not suffering alleviates the pain in my heart.
Thank you for your wonderful gift! And that you help a lot of people too. Because of this, I decided to accept my mediumistic “gift’ too to comfort those who lost their loved ones like myself.
Blessings! And, love & light.”
–Aivette Polotan

“Chloe Renshaw has an energy that comes through in whatever medium that she uses during her work. Her intuition enables her to communicate with those beyond our physical realm. Her openness to what is beyond allows for spirits to easily come forward and relay their messages or imagery. In all the Mediums and Psychics I have visited, she is one of the most genuine.”
–P. Sattler

“Chloe has an innate sense of negotiating space with the spirit world. Her confident nature shines through the personal connection she is facilitating. Many times during our session the connections were there to affirm my own life steps. The drawing of the cards tied up some loose ends and even led to a realization about one of the spirits who came through. I highly recommend her.”
— J. Sattler

I have had some very serious losses and never expected for the ones to come through who did, but she was spot on and I enjoyed every moment of it! Thank you
-Kayleigh Payette

“I have been in a greater state of peace since my deceased father contacted me through Chloe. I had never been involved in a mediumship experience prior to seeing Chloe, and I found it insightful, freeing, and affirming. I am so grateful that I’ve been able to get some closure around our father-daughter relationship and with his sudden death.  Having this mediumship experience has awakened me to the understanding that I can still have a relationship with my dad even though he is no longer in physical form. My siblings have also received some comfort due to my contact with our dad. In general, I feel more grounded than I ever have due to my new and palpable confidence that our loved ones are always with us. My mediumship experience with Chloe has been positively life-changing for me.”
– Cathy Girard

“I’m very glad to know he’s ok…This definitely explains a lot and means so much I can’t wait to tell my son. Thank you.”

“Chloe has done several readings for me. They all have been very accurate and validated. Some family and family of friends. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.”
-Monique Pednault

“Chloe, I cannot thank you enough. You are spot on. Made my day…You are quite talented (and reassuring)…You have given me a very concise and accurate reading that I am very grateful for…Thank you for your time! God bless”
-Susan Halfman Stanton

“This was my first time talking with a medium and Chloe connected with multiple loved ones for me she made things clear for me to understand and I trusted my experience with her I highly recommend her.”
-Maria Troche

“Chloe has helped me immensely in dealing with the loss of my dad. My readings with her have brought me a sense of inner peace and resolution in many areas of my relationship with  him. It was easy to trust her channeled information because she gave me information and details about Daddy that even I had forgotten. She has assisted and taught me to look and listen for the signs that he is still all around me. Having this awareness has made me realize Dad and I are still very much connected. I will be forever grateful to Chloe for her guidance and relaying messages she received from my dad.”


“I have continued to feel my Aunt’s presence since her death, more so after the birth of my son. My session with Chloe not only confirmed that she is still present but also improved my memories. My old memories become more vibrant and fresher, including her laughter and voice. What Chloe provided for me is a gift that I wish everyone could experience. “
-Lee Ann Gee

“Hi there, Chloe! Just wanted to let you know that I was filling my father in on what you were picking up on my Uncle (his brother). I was telling him how you nailed his personality and brought up other stuff, but in particular about the beret hat he was wearing that he showed you. I had told you in the reading that he did have one and I always remember him wearing it and my father said “God, that was the only headwear he EVER wore”.  It really did bring healing.  Just thought I’d share that with you. “Thank you, Chloe! . x”

-Leona McNama

“Love Chloe’s work. She gave evidence that confirmed who was coming through. I’ve had a couple of readings from her and look forward to more. Accurate and Fun!!
Thank you Chloe!”
-Mary Taylor

“Chloe gave me an accurate reading. She provided specific details and delivered a message in a genuinely compassionate way. I would highly recommend her.”
-JoAnn Randazzo


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