What to Expect in a Reading

What to expect in a reading
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What to Expect in a Reading

Readings with me are usually by phone and range in length from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

As an evidential medium, I connect with the discarnate spirits of your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. During your sitting, I will receive evidence from them via all my senses.  I see them clairvoyantly in my mind’s eye and also objectively as flashes of light or shadows.  You loved ones also will use my clairsentience to transmit feelings to me. Often I just know things and I’m not sure which sense they are using.  I can also taste foods they liked, smell their cologne or cigarette smoke or any other smell that was significant to them.

Please Do Not Give Me Any Leading Information

When you schedule a reading with me please do not give me any leading information. This is vitally important. When you schedule a sitting please only tell me that you want a sitting to reach a loved one.  Please do not give me any more details than that.  For example do not tell you want to reach your husband who died from cancer, or your brother who was killed in a car accident.  Please only tell me you want a reading.

The reason I do not want any leading information is because those pieces of information are vital pieces of evidence that spirit relies on to prove who they are.  Spirit will use that information to identify themselves to me and to you.  Also, I want to be very sure that I am not merely reading you psychically.  The more information I have about you and your loved one, the easier it is for me to only use a psychic connection and not a mediumistic one.  The whole point of using an evidential medium is to prove the continuity of life. My wish is for you to have a wonderful mediumship experience with me. I want you to feel the presence of your loved one.  So please help me provide that by not giving me any information.

What a Reading Is Not

During a reading, I usually do not channel angels or masters or any other higher beings. I work only with your discarnate loved ones in an evidential way. I also do psychic work and occasionally work with your guides if they deem it necessary.

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I Cannot Guarantee a Particular Spirit

While I do guarantee my work, I do not guarantee that a particular spirit will come through or what he or she will say.

You may want to speak with your brother but get only your grandmother and aunt. Since we all have free will I cannot make anyone appear for your reading.  It’s rare that it happens but sometimes a spirit on the other side doesn’t want to connect. I can’t help that.

To help make sure you get contact with the spirits you want, please ask them to come to the appointment.  Before the appointment put the thought out to the spirits you’d like to hear from and invite them.  Let them know when your appointment is and make sure they know you want to hear from them.

Please be in a quiet place for your reading.  Please be alone.  Each person who comes with you to the reading brings his or her own spirits and loved ones. All of those additional spirits will be trying to connect and will use your precious time.

Please arrive for your appointment with an open mind and open heart. Setting up expectations about who you will connect with or what they will say limits your experience.  Please do not have a “code word” upon which you are hinging your reading. Instead let your loved ones dazzle you with what does come through.

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Providing Evidence That Your Loved Ones Are With You

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